GenScript ProBio: Biologics Backed by Pharmaceutical Proficiency

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GenScript ProBio: Biologics Backed by Pharmaceutical Proficiency

Dr Brian Min, CEO, Genscript ProbioDr Brian Min, CEO The efficacy of clinical trials for drug discovery and development hinges on identifying a suitable compound that could eventually lead to the development of a credible pharmaceutical product. That said, pharmaceutical manufacturers have failed to capitalize on the market potential, often developing defective products that barely pass the clinical trial, let alone succeed in the marketplace. A primary factor attributed to such unnecessary expenditure is the lack of comprehensive knowledge on molecules, alongside improper clinical trial management or inadequate quality management. Safe to say, these inadequacies have weighed down on drug developers and manufacturers.

GenScript ProBio—a CDMO that has an extensive track record—not only addresses these inadequacies but also brings to the table a proactive, professional, and process-oriented approach to clinical trial management. The company empowers pharmaceutical organizations and its valued stakeholders to fuel the development of relevant molecules and produce therapeutic antibody candidates for disease-causing multi-membrane proteins. As pharmaceutical companies enter new avenues to study sophisticated molecule structures for more complex targets/illnesses, GenScript ProBio’s extensive scientific know-how and subject matter expertise allows them to offer services, covering research and manufacturing workflow with uncompromised quality.

“We have completed over 800 projects so far and have a significant success rate for the discovery of multi transmembrane targets for the development of biologics products with our clients,” says Dr. Brian Min, CEO at GenScript ProBio.

"Ultimately, Our Clients Are the Decision-makers, but Based on Our Experience and Scientific Knowledge in Drug Discovery Cro and Cdmo Services, We Can Suggest the Best Approach to Produce a Therapeutic Antibody"

‘The Pole Star’ From Beginning to End

Started in 2002, GenScript is a prolific, long-standing CRO with a dedicated team of experts who have extensive experience walking clients through every stage of a drug discovery and development project. GenScript turned to Dr. Brian Min, for his outstanding career in some of the largest pharmaceutical and biologics companies to improve its capabilities and provide holistic coverage to its clients. Before starting his career at GenScript, Dr. Min has held several high-level positions at Amgen and Samsung. While at Amgen, Dr. Min was the principal scientist in charge of biologics discovery and optimization for developing multiple therapeutic proteins for use in clinical trials or drug manufacturing. Climbing through the ranks, Dr. Min would later join the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology as the Head of Antibody Engineering to build an antibody-based therapeutic platform and lead the oncology therapeutic development program. As an experienced and highly qualified biologist, Dr. Min’s expertise in biologics development extends from discovery to manufacturing and strategic planning and business development.

Accepting the new challenge at GenScript, Dr. Min, as CEO of GenScript ProBio, has formed a separate company providing CDMO services with a quality-based and customer-focused approach to clinical trials.

We can help our clients through the tough regulatory landscapes and help them get approval for their projects

“I am very proud of everybody in the company that has worked in setting up the systems over the last two and half years for us to become an excellent CDMO service provider,” comments Dr. Min. From beginning to end, GenScript ProBio acts as ‘the pole star’ for pharma companies, guiding them in ensuring regulatory compliance and licensing of their biologic products for release in the consumer market.

Rethinking Pharma Drug Discovery Processes

GenScript ProBio’s latest innovation in Life Science technology is its Single B Cell Antibody Discovery system. While it is hard to produce a human body cell line for a target and deliver in months, GenScript ProBio’s new equipment allows pharmaceuticals to speed up the process and complete the process in quick succession of time. Another trend that GenScript ProBio addresses is Bispecific Antibody Discovery. The Drug Discovery solution provider offers its clients a unique SMAB platform that enables them to have access to various options to develop Bispecific antibodies without any license fee. Its excellent track records in working with multi transmembrane molecule targets provides unparalleled leadership in the drug discovery field.

Interestingly, the company also provides Gene and Cell Therapy services for plasmid and virus production. GenScript ProBio’s offering allows pharma companies to generate new leads for cell therapies with the same efficacy and risk-free control as a drug development project. With almost a hundred percent success rate, the CDMO helps its clients through the murky regulatory landscape and source the best technology to ensure approval of a project. In addition, the company has vast experience in handling manufacturing compliance regulations and has partnerships with almost all medical authority boards across the globe. “We can help our clients through the tough regulatory landscape and assist them in obtaining approval for their projects,” elucidates Dr. Min. GenScript ProBio’s vast array of offerings for any project in the Drug Discovery space has quickly empowered the company to become a one-stop service provider for biologics, protein, and antibody development.

For many of GenScript ProBio’s clients, the ultimate aim is to discover a molecule and develop an efficient drug that will revolutionize the treatment of various diseases. However, stringent budgets, lack of expertise, and technological disadvantages curb the final delivery of a therapeutic product, and most often, the closure of a project that a pharma company has been working on for years. GenScript ProBio has developed a quality assurance system to improve operations and assist pharma companies to ensure that every process is overseen with utmost scrutiny from start to finish of a drug discovery project. “By having a quality system even in the discovery phase through to development, we reduce risk, mistakes, and time, saving money and other resources for our clients,” says Dr. Min.
The Present and Future of Drug Discovery

In the highly competitive marketplace, many companies may work on similar drug products, and the chance for patent infringement is high. In helping one client avoid any such mishap, GenScript ProBio was able to help create a transmembrane/homologous protein that had a unique medical signature compared to any of its variants or similar proteins. By refining the client’s research methodology, GenScript ProBio was able to identify mistakes in the project operations and then deliver an accurate technique to alter the compound or molecule. In another instance, GenScript ProBio was able to help a client reactivate a failed project, thanks to its capability to analyze the chemistry of proteins. “Protein chemistry is a very important capability to have if you want to be good at discovery as well as manufacturing,” says Dr. Min.
  • We have completed over 800 projects so far and have a significant success rate for the discovery of multi transmembrane targets in developing biologics products with our clients

With one of the most comprehensive CDMO service portfolios in the Asia-Pacific market, GenScript ProBio has made great strides in the pharmaceutical drug discovery and development space, and the firm has been rewarded with a new round of series A funding. The Drug Discovery services, and solutions provider plans to infuse the financial resources to enhance its portfolio of CDMO services by adding new study facilities, technology, and expert professionals to its cadre. “We try to be very flexible and help our clients by aligning our services to address issues from their point of view and at very reasonable pricing options,” expresses Dr. Min.

Offering pharma companies, a wholesome experience in outsourcing services and solutions, GenScript ProBio also shares its advice and makes suggestions for new players in the drug discovery space. “Ultimately, our clients are the decision-makers, but based on our experience and scientific knowledge in drug discovery CRO and CDMO services, we can suggest the best approach to produce a therapeutic antibody,” says Dr. Min. From a fundamental solution to a rich development process, GenScript ProBio allows clients to decide the best methodology to discover antibodies, DNA assays and other identifiers for medical treatment of a particular disease. From a financial standpoint, GenScript ProBio also does not charge a fee for any intellectual property generated from research for a client, and all data is treated as its client’s property.

In setting the standard for drug discovery service delivery, GenScript ProBio has worked alongside many pharmaceuticals to provide an end-to-end approach with zero hindrance in drug discovery and production. “Our capability to rapidly develop multi transmembrane targets that are complex and sophisticated for biologics product development with a success rate of above eighty-five percent allows us to continue innovating to serve our clients with even more efficiency,” concludes Dr. Min.
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Dr Brian Min, CEO

A CDMO that offers pharmaceuticals a wholesome drug discovery and development service package for antibody discovery through to gene and cell therapy.From beginning to end, GenScript acts as ‘the pole star’ for pharma companies, guiding them in ensuring regulatory compliance and licensing of their biologic products for release in the consumer market.In addition, the CDMO has developed a quality assurance system to improve operations and assist pharma companies to ensure that every process is overseen with utmost scrutiny from start to finish of a drug discovery project

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