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Top 10 Drug Discovery Companies in APAC - 2019


The latest advancements in the field of medicine are determining the progress of a nation in terms of their health. The drug discovery landscape is revolutionizing as researchers leverage the latest technologies and techniques to speed up the drug production process. Organizations are working toward finding solutions for the pharmaceutical sector by utilizing data and analytics to develop and discover drugs, which can improve their competence.

The healthcare sector along with pharmaceutical companies is investing billions into research on drug discovery and development. In a bid to help them in this endeavor, today’s drug discovery solution providers are utilizing a combination of digitalization and technological advancements to roll out offerings that can aid life sciences and pharmaceutical companies in their quest to develop the best cures and medicines while increasing their profitability.

Keeping track of the evolving nature of drug discovery and development, Pharma Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the Top 10 Drug Discovery Solution Providers in APAC 2019. With great technological prowess and several success stories to their credit, the top drug discovery solution providers such as Sartorius--an international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier, covering the segments of Bioprocess Solutions and Lab Products & Service-in this edition, are consistently proving their worth in the field.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Drug Discovery Solution Providers in APAC - 2019.”

    Top Drug Discovery technology Companies in APAC

  • An international partner of the pharma and biopharmaceutical industries and the research sector specialized in helping pharma and biotech scientists and engineers develop and manufacture medications from the first idea to production

  • Sengenics’ KREX technology is a novel technology for identifying and measuring autoantibodies at incredibly high specificity and sensitivity

  • Athenex


    Athenex is a global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel therapies for the treatment of cancer. To achieve the worldwide position of cancer treatment, the company is assembled by an experienced team and has established global operations across the pharmaceutical value chain. The business is spread over oncology Innovation (R&D), Commercial, and Global Supply Chain. Athenex has internalized the commercial infrastructure and supply chain, which it believes will enable the capture of greater shareholder value and minimize supply chain risk for the proprietary oncology drugs

  • Cyfuse Biomedical

    Cyfuse Biomedical

    Cyfuse has been contributing to the medical fields of regenerative medicine and drug discovery by generating steric tissues and organs from cells only. The objective of Cyfuse is the practical use by patients of steric tissues and organs generated using spheroids formed by cell aggregation and the Bio 3-D Printer (a cell-version 3-D printer). The firm seeks to develop the technology, which originated from Japan, on a global scale and become a leader in the field of regenerative medicine in the near future. All employees embody support for the firm to provide new medicine and new treatment options for society

  • geneious


    Geneious bioinformatics software solutions are created from deep expertise and imagination and empower customers by turning difficult into the intuitive and easy. Founded in 2003, Biomatters’ mission is to generate bioinformatics solutions for the analysis, interpretation, and application of molecular sequence data. Geneious aims to help scientists in biology and medicine to work directly with DNA data. Biomatters’ Geneious software applications enable scientists to work with the DNA at the core of their research. Geneious Prime and Geneious Biologics take away the pain of data management and computational complexity, allowing scientists to focus on their research

  • OBJ


    OBJ is a leading developer of magnetic, micro-array drug and ingredient delivery technologies. The firm is equipped with more than 100 years of combined expertise in transdermal, peridermal, appendageal and sub-surface drug, ingredient delivery, associated product development. OBJ was founded in 2004 after spending many years working with magnetic induction systems for bone growth stimulation and connective tissue disorders. Since conception, OBJ has developed a portfolio of more than 20 patents and applications covering the Company’s powered technology, magnetic micro-arrays, enhanced partitioning and penetration technology, and several applications and industry-specific filings

  • Phylogica


    Phylogica is developing next-generation intracellular biological therapeutics, including its preclinical oncology payloads, using its proprietary best-in-class cell Functional Penetrating Phylomers, with quantifiably demonstrable superior endosomal escape. Phylogica’s FPPs are also being used in several external collaborations in modular combination with a wide range of biologic payloads developed by partners for a range of diverse disease targets. These technologies are derived from Phylogica’s Phylomer peptide libraries. Phylogica harnesses a revolutionary Phylomer intracellular delivery and drug discovery technology to develop next-generation treatment solutions for life-threatening diseases

  • SBX


    SBX Corporation is a pioneer in systems biology and its applications, the team is focused on building technologies and solutions which address core problems in drug discovery, clinical decision making, and personalized healthcare. The company fosters a close partnership with global leaders in research, engineering and design. The dynamic team of scientists and engineers with deep experience in computer science, biology and their applications to drug discovery and biomedicine utilize technology powered by Garuda. It is a technology framework, enabled by the Garuda platform, which provides connectivity and automation of diverse data, devices, and analytics to create novel products and solutions in various industry verticals

  • Standigm


    Standigm removes the traditional guesswork from data analysis by using its innovative AI, automatically examining whole biomedical databases to learn about the unknown. By applying its state-of-the-art machine learning technology to real data, Standigm eliminates some of the uncertainty in the drug discovery process. Instead of fishing in the dark for effective treatments, the team can focus on developing candidates that are primed for success. Standigm cuts through the noise and presents data that are most pertinent to the treatment of diseases, saving time and money by shortening the development cycle

  • WuXi NextCODE

    WuXi NextCODE

    WuXi NextCODE is a global biotechnology company harnessing genomic big data to propel drug discovery, clinical diagnoses, population health, and precision medicine. WuXi NextCODE is focused on bringing high-quality sequencing and analysis to everyone who needs it. The company’s products stand out due to its quality and services span study design, sample preparation, sequencing, secondary and tertiary analysis, storage (including cloud-based), interpretation, scalable analytics, as well as AI and deep learning. The comprehensive platform has been used by world-class hospitals to deliver over 12K diagnoses to rare disease patients. WuXi NextCODE is a fully integrated contract genomics organization (CGO) and has built what is emerging as the global standard platform for genomic data