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Top 10 Drug Discovery Consulting/Service Companies in APAC - 2019


The drug discovery services market today is influenced by technological advancements and growing demand for cancer treatment. What is fueling the growth of this market is people’s increasing concern about chronic diseases, growing patient pool, increasing government assistance, and enhancing the regulatory framework, among other reasons. Steady advancements in the drug discovery technologies are paving the way for new and unique products.

The drug discovery service providers aim at providing unique services that span the drug discovery continuum. Methods like molecular manipulation, molecular designing, and random screening have been specifically designed to reduce the cost of drug discovery. Bottom line: to reduce costs and timelines, and meet drug discovery milestones, it is of utmost importance to seek drug discovery domain experts. By paying heed to the customers’ unique requirements, the dedicated specialists and the domain experts handle screening, customer assay, development, and profiling that helps the industry to extend the research team by offering assistance before, during, and after the experiments. Moreover, the services delivered help in predicting answers during the research. Since the dynamic pharmaceutical industry requires an advanced level of specialized assistance and expertise from life science tool suppliers, adopting the best and relevant drug discovery services is the need of the hour.

In this edition of Pharma Tech Outlook, we bring the list of top 10 drug discovery consulting/services companies in APAC. The edition features Axcelead, a Japan-based pharma and biotech company that helps drug institutes streamline the implementation of drug discovery procedures. The company offers a one-stop-shop service tailored to the needs of each process. As the best partner for doctors, specialists, and researches of drugs, Axcelead tackles various challenges in the drug discovery space. Also, its High-Throughput Screening (HTS) service helps in finding high-quality compounds with a major probability of success hit identification regardless of target difficulty.

Another company that finds its place in the list is Gemseki, a company that has contributed immensely to the pharmaceutical industry. The company serves as a connecting agent for licensing-in/licensing-out of drug candidates, drug discovery technologies, and therapeutic targets. Gemseki provides a detailed summary of the candidate drugs or technologies when inquired. Based on the information, customers can choose to involve in the process of due diligence.

Similarly, PharmAbcine, a research-oriented biotech company, focuses on the development of therapeutic antibodies. The company has created many pipelines under clinical development. For commercializing antibody therapeutics PharmAbcine’s services come across one of the best choices. Also, the cost and scope of every service are determined through prior consultation.

With several innovative services and success stories up their sleeves, these companies are constantly proving their ability in the drug discovery expanse. We hope this issue of Pharma Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to drive success.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Drug Discovery Consulting/Services Companies in APAC 2019.”

    Top Drug Discovery Consulting Companies in APAC

  • To help drug research institutes streamline the implementation of their drug discovery procedures, Japan-based Axcelead adopts its “better” approach to simplify the multi-faceted and convoluted drug discovery and development processes. The company provides comprehensive capabilities such as bioinformatics, multi-omics and phenotype analysis with genetically-modified animal and disease models to enhance a client’s ability to identify novel and efficacious drug targets. Axcelead’s IDD service offers tailored services to streamline the overall drug discovery process, from initial research to pre-clinical development. The IDD service also eliminates the costs involved in communicating with multiple CROs, enhancing project promotion and saving time. And the company’s HTS service can quickly find high-quality compounds with a superior probability of success of hit identification regardless of target difficulty

  • Gemseki offers an open marketplace, the “Drug Candidate Marketplace” to list drug candidates, therapeutic targets, and drug discovery technologies (“assets”) available for partnering and licensing. With Gemseki’s Drug Candidate Marketplace, a variety of assets can easily be licensed in or out. The Drug Candidate Marketplace lists information of these assets seeking for partners while Gemseki actively looks for potential licensees within its own network. These assets can then be utilized efficiently, and the development can be expedited through new combinations. Gemseki takes an innovative approach toward licensing/partnering activities by actively engaging in discussions and negotiations

  • PharmAbcine’s HuPhage library is a fully human antibody library with 1011 diversity and highest quality. By using HuPhage antibody library and selection, PharmAbcine has been able to isolate Olinvacimab, which is an anti-human VEGFR2 (KDR) neutralizing fully human IgG with unique epitope and cross species cross reactivity which is far different from ramucirumab

  • BPS Bioscience

    BPS Bioscience

    In addition to its innovative portfolio of more than 4000 products, BPS Bioscience’s core of Ph.D. scientists are experts in the expression, purification, design, and characterization of active recombinant enzymes and its complexes. They are also highly skilled in developing all aspects of biochemical and cell-based assay development and recombinant cell lines. Being a primary manufacturer, BPS can deliver products in large-scale bulk quantities and welcomes inquiries regarding contract and custom manufacturing across a spectrum of research areas. Its diverse protein portfolio enables high purity and activity recombinant proteins with a variety of tags and across many species



    GENUV strives to take on challenges against the diseases that are yet to be conquered by opening up new horizons for new drug development. It is endeavoring to go beyond the conventional approaches that focus on actively pursuing treatment for various neurodegenerative diseases by discovering drug candidates that have a new mode-of-action (MOA)/therapeutic mechanism. The company is also striving to find treatments against cancer and autoimmune diseases which arise from the inability of the body’s immune system that normalizes the body’s immune system, by targeting immune cells that play an important role in the microenvironment of specific diseases

  • Model Answers

    Model Answers

    Model Answers’ drug development solutions enhance the chances of successful drug development by applying advanced analytics and modeling to pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) data. The company has been developing drug development solutions and helping both small and large companies with better decisions. Its PK-PD simulations help drug developers to make essential decisions during the drug development process. Its modeling and analytics setup helps to take the risk out of drug development decisions with the help of its experience, in-built knowledge, and data analysis techniques to better the decision making and understanding at every stage of development

  • Sanoosa


    Sanoosa addresses the growing unmet medical needs in chronic inflammation using its computational methods in the early phases of drug discovery. It replaces most of the experimental methods, which hastens the discovery process, makes it cheaper and with more accurate outcomes. Sanoosa's processes are >5x quicker and save up to 80% of costs as it works with a minimum of experimental lab work. It discovers and designs small molecules that act as inhibitors of disease targets. The drug candidates discovered by it have an accuracy that increases their chances for success in the later development stages

  • Terns


    Terns’ cross-border structure begins with a state-of-the-art clinical development team based in Shanghai, China. It is combined with expertise in medicinal chemistry, disease biology, and global clinical development which gives it an advantage and a core competency in pursuing global strategies to treat cancer and NASH. It is developing a pipeline of novel therapies which will target chronic liver diseases such as liver fibrosis, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and hepatocellular carcinoma. It is also considering a 360-degree mode to developing rational combination therapies that will address large unmet medical needs

  • Vast Bioscience

    Vast Bioscience

    Vast Bioscience leverages a technology platform called VAST (Versatile Assembly on Stable Templates). The platform allows the simple and rapid synthesis of an almost limitless array of drug-like molecules with complex, diverse, and tailored 3D-shapes. The large array of 3D structures are unique and delve into an enormous universe of unchartered 3D space when compared to pharma collections. It enables to develop molecules for different targets. In addition, as molecules move from discovery to drugs, they develop increased 3D character, reflecting better safety being driven by enhanced selectivity

  • WuXi Biologics

    WuXi Biologics

    WuXi Biologics offers an integrated, comprehensive, and highly customizable range of services for the development, discovery, and manufacturing of biologics. It is a global open-access biologics technology platform that provides end-to-end solutions to empower anyone to develop, discover, and manufacture biologics from concept to commercial manufacturing. It saves its clients critical time and money by providing the world with the ONE true single-source approach. Using its one-stop service offering, industry-leading scale-out manufacturing strategy, single project management team, and a supply chain only 1-2 hours apart, WuXi Biologics removes the troubleshooting issues and time-consuming project hand-offs